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How it works:

Alright, as you may have noticed we only bet on draws.  Why? Because there is a lot of value in it and it’s perfect for the strategy we use. Most of the times we select odd 3.00 or higher for our betting lists, but sometimes it might occur we pick one under 3.00 because it gives great value.

If we lose our first pick, we go on to the second pick and multiply our first stake with 1.5X, for example: My stake on my 1st pick was $15, if pick 1 loses, we bet $22,50 on our 2nd pick, if pick 2 also loses we bet $33,75 on pick 3, we will continue this until we win a pick and then we start over again with our beginning stake of $15 or any other stake which fits your bankroll.

But where do we get the picks? Well, we publish them at the closed member page on our website, they only will be shared to the monthly subscribers. A list starts most of the times with 5 picks and will get updated until a pick wins, a list can go up to 15 picks, so you need a quite big bankroll if you start with our service.  In the next image you will see an example of a betting list.

Below you will find 2 simple pictures which will  clarify how our system works:




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