About us

What is the idea behind Draw Betting King?

We started our strategy as a need for ourselves, after testing for 2 seasons with profits it was sure our strategy was working correctly.

After several months we got banned by almost each 'soft' bookmarker cause we were profitable in the long-term, so we switched to asian bookmarkers, also called the 'sharp' bookmarkers.

So you might think why we would share a profitable strategy? Well, our hate for 'soft' bookmarkers go deep, we can't revenge them by ourselves but with other people having this strategy we actually can.

Online Sports Betting grew to a billion dollar market, which means there is for everyone a piece of the cake & we don't have to deal with eachother as competition.

Who are the people behind Draw Betting King?

Rachid [Owner]

Rachid is the new owner of Draw Betting King, he will create V2 of Draw Betting King.

For all your support matters you can send him an e-mail to support@drawbettingking.com